11. Phenological characteristics of grape varieties of v. Vinifera species, Convar occidentalis negr. Group, in the annual cycle of ontogenesis

Author: Valery Petrov, Sergey Shcherbakov, Aleksandr Kovalenko, Ekaterina Kurdenkova


A comparative study of perennial varieties of the species V. vinifera of the group Convar occidentalis Negr. (West European) in the annual cycle of ontogenesis of grapes on the collector area in homogeneous agro-ecological conditions of the South of Russia has shown that the timing of the beginning and duration of the phases of the growing season are closely dependent on the biological characteristics of the varieties and growing environment temperature conditions. The correlation of dependence between the duration of the growing season from bud break to the physiological ripening of grapes and an average daily air temperature during this period corresponds to the average and high levels of the most studied varieties. The closest correlation length of the growing season is installed on the amount of active air temperatures in the period from bud burst to the physiological ripening of grapes.

Key words: grapes, vegetation, correlation, variety, origin, amount of heat