9. Study of the anatomo-morphological and biochemical parameters of stability of forms of Cerasus mill. to Coccomyces Hiemalis Higgens

Author: Vera Shestakova, Anna Kuznetsova


Foliage research on forms of Cerasus Mill. for the anatomo-morphological and biochemical parameters was done in order to establish criteria for plant resistance to Coccomyces hiemalis Higgens. A statistically significant difference in the number of stomata in nonresistance, with a polygenic type of sustainability and resistance were installed.
The greatest difference in the content of chlorophyll (a and b) in leaves and carotenoids was found in May in the period of active growth of plants. The level of these substances was 1.3 times higher in the leaves of resistant forms and polygenes. The dynamics of change in the content of extract of the leaf calcium, coffee and succinic acids with using the methods of capillary electrophoresis are revealed.

Key words: forms of Cerasus Mill., Coccomyces hiemalis Higgens, stomatal apparatus, biochemical parameters