1. Impact of phosphorus fertilisers on the growth and productivity of annual legume crops in relation to the agro-technology applied in Northern Kazakhstan

Author: Vladislav Popov, Nurlan Serekpaev, Asiya Ansabaeva

DOI: n/a


An important element of modern agronomic techniques in crop growing is the use of plant growth regulators which in small doses affect the metabolic processes in plants leading to significant changes in the growth of plants. There is insufficient research on the impact of growth regulators in the region of Northern Kazakhstan. Field experiments were conducted within the present study in the above region on southern chernozem soils. The aim was to investigate the effect of traditional and zero-tillage technology and the introduction of the granulated superphosphate growth regulator Izagry Phosphorus as well as the compound Rizotorfin on the growth and productivity of selected leguminous crops, namely peas and chickpeas. The study showed that the combination of Izagry Phosphorus and Rizotorfin had the strongest impact on all investigated parameters, i.e. height, biomass and biological productivity of peas and chickpeas and can be recommended for the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan. The effect can mainly be attributed to the stimulation of the microbial activity and thus an improved mineral feeding of pea and nut plants. That combination speeded up the maturing of the plants by 4-6 days, which is of particular importance for the conditions of Northern Kazakhstan characterized by a short vegetation period.