10. Results of numerical experiments with model maize seed germination and seedling emergence

Author: Anatoliy Polevoy, Victoria Sinitsyna

DOI: n/a


The response of seed germination and seedling emergence of maize to the environmental factors is examined in the present article. The effect of temperature and humidity on the rate of the processes arising in the seed at the early stages of ontogenesis as well as on the emergence of seedlings under different soil conditions is described.
The purpose of this paper is to describe and explain the results of numerical experiments with the developed model as well as the impact of the agrometeorological conditions on seed germination and seedling emergence, their capacity and duration.
A number of numerical experiments were conducted and it was established that soil temperature has the greatest influence during the time of seedling formation, whereas soil humidity plays a major role in the absorption and accumulation of moisture by the sowed seed in order to start growing. The high sensitivity of the coleoptile elongation rate to the soil temperature and density was revealed as well.