3. Estimation of various diary and mixed cows’ breeds according to milk protein and cheese quality

Author: Tarasova Tatiana, Prudnikov Vasyliy, Lysenko Anna

DOI: n/a


Milk protein of Simmental, Black and white and Lebedin full-grown cows’ breeds and their crosses with Brown Swiss, Jerseys and Monbeliards (11 groups) have been studied. Differences in protein and casein producing in amino acid content of milk and cheese quality have been proved. Three-breed animals were the best among the animal groups on Simmental base; half bloods with Holstein were the best among black and white; half bloods with jerseys were the best among lebedin breed. Milk of Simmental half-blood breed characterized with the lowest index. Standard cheeses produced from various breeds and breed crosses according to the quantity of indispensable amino acids found at the same level. Cheeses produced from milk of Simmental-Aishire and Lebedin-Jersey breeds have been estimated lower than cheeses from Simmental-Aishire-Monbeliards breed and pure Simmental breed. Cheeses produced from milk of pure black and white cows had the lowest index of amino acid content among the investigated groups.