15. New approaches to improving the quality of the agritourism animation product in Bulgaria

Author: Svetlana Staneva

DOI: n/a


The tourism product is basically a group of tourism services offered under a general price. The product “rural tourism” includes the creation of packages of services, systems for reservations and monitoring, targeted at certain groups. The formation and development of the rural tourism market in Bulgaria requires the unification of objects offering rural tourism in a united network of brands guaranteeing quality of the tourism services. This is possible by introducing universal standards for servicing tourists and establishing a system for categorization of the tourism places in the mountains and villages. The creation of specific tourism animation product in Bulgaria will provide: improving of the economic and social conditions in village areas, diversity of the economic activities in the agricultural sector, providing higher life standard and improving the skills and knowledge of workers, limiting the abandonment of villages in the country caused by unemployment.