13. Studies on the resistance of winter soft wheat varieties to the causal agents of ear fusariose

Author: Petar Chavdarov

DOI: n/a


During 2008-2009 the resistance of 16 soft winter wheat varieties to three causal agents of ear fusariose was studied at IPGR, Sadovo: Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium culmorum и Fusarium avenaceum. As a result it was found that the following varieties were resistant to Fusarium culmorum: Jaral 66, Hoosdorfer Manfred, Maipu, Diadem, GT-129- 3, Arbon, Bison, Larned, Estnischer Wizen, Pantus, BGRC 21876, BGRC 20374, BGRC 21254 and Hadden. Only three varieties were resistant to Fusarium graminearum: Hoosdorfer Manfred, Maipu and Inia 66. The first two were also resistant to Fusarium culmorum. All varieties showed a susceptible reaction to Fusarium avenaceum. The above mentioned varieties, resistant to one or both species causing the ear fusarium type symptom can be used in breeding for the development of resistant soft winter wheat varieties.