8. Educational attainment of the population in the rural areas in Poland

Author: Agnieshka Wzhochalska

DOI: n/a


Under current conditions, when human capital is growing in significance in respect to initiating developmental processes in the economy, the level of education, comprised not only of completed school education or competence in civilisation-related advancements, but also the knowledge-seeking activity of the population, have been playing an increasingly prominent role, both in respect to the general transformations and in the individual aspect that determines the perspectives of an individual on the labour market and decides whether their professional and cultural aspirations are fulfilled.

The non-farm rural population should demonstrate an adequate level of knowledge and should be ready to face the challenges posed by the changes taking place in their reality.

This study features an analysis of selected aspects in relation to formal qualifications and civilisation-related skills and competences required from the population of rural areas, as well as the involvement of adults in increasing the level of education in Poland during the first years of EU accession.