6. Comparative testing of five common winter wheat (Triticum aestivum l.) varieties in Southeast Bulgaria

Author: Tsvetanka Raycheva, Kiril Stoyanov, Vanya Delibaltova

DOI: n/a


A field experiment of five common winter wheat varieties was carried out during the period 2007-2009 in southeast Bulgaria. Sadovo 552, Sadovska Beliya, Boryana, Momchil and Geya 1 winter wheat varieties were studied. The block method was applied for the experiment with 4 replications on a 15 m2-plot, after sunflower as predecessor. The aim of the investigation was to establish and compare the elements of productivity and the grain yield of five winter wheat varieties in south-east Bulgaria. The comparative productivity assessment was based on a biometrical analysis of the structural elements of the yield among samples of 30 plants of each tested variety. The average values of the indices for the period are presented in a table. The intermediate results of each parameter for determining the productivity and their variations are presented graphically. The results showed that Boryana and Geya 1 demonstrated the highest values of reproductive structural elements of the tested varieties under different agrometeorological conditions. The average production values of the three experimental years displayed that Geya 1 exceeded the other examined varieties and it could be recommended for breeding under the conditions of south-east Bulgaria.