7. The Toxic Impact of Lead on the Physiological Parameters of Basket Willow (Salix viminalis L.)

Author: Katarzyna Malinowska, Jacek Wrobel, Ryszard Malinowski, Andrzej Stera

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2010.04.007


The effect of lead on the physiological reaction of two clones – Bjor and Tora of basket willow was studied within the concentrations of 15-1000 mg.dm-3. The content of photosynthetic pigments, the intensity of CO2 assimilation and transpiration and water balance were reported. It was shown that the doses of lead significantly decreased the content of chlorophyll a, b and carotenoids, reduced the intensity of CO2 assimilation and transpiration of the examined clones. It was shown that there was a significant correlation between the concentration of lead and the intensity of CO2 assimilation, content of chlorophyll a + b in the leaves of the examined willow clones.The clone more resistant to the stress caused by the high lead content in the medium was Bjor.