4. Rapeseed Green Forage Quality Obtained from Different Cultivars and Hybrids Cultivated in the Region of Plovdiv

Author: Radka Ivanova, Zhivko Todorov, Vania Delibaltova

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2009.02.004


The testing was carried out on the experimental field of the Plant-growing Department at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv in the period 2003-2006.
The experiment was set by the block method in 4 replications, the size of the test plot was 20 m2. Òwo varieties – Votan, Express, and three hybrids Baldur, Elite and Elvis were tested.
The aim of the investigation was to specify the quality differences in some varieties and hybrids of rapeseed for green forage.
The Elvis hybrid proved to be the most suitable for green forage over the three years of the investigation, characterized by thinner stems, the highest crude protein content and the greatest yield.