2. Production Function Analysis for the Semi-Subsistence Irish Potato Production Systems and the Farmers’ Economic Well-Being in Santa, Cameroon

Author: Mbu Daniel Tambi, Kaseh Edward Bobuin


The objectives targeted in this study are: to identify the drivers of the semi-subsistence Irish potato production; to evaluate the effect of the semi-subsistence Irish potato production on the farmer’s economic well-being and to identify the constraints associated with the semi-subsistence Irish potato production in Santa, Cameroon. The study made use of a Cobb Douglas production function to analyze the results. Primary data was collected via simple random sampling. The results showed that startup capital, quantity of seeds planted, quantity of fertilizer applied, level of education, labour input per season and pesticide usage all had a positive and significant effect on the quantity of Irish potato produced. It was also observed that the semi-subsistence Irish potato production had a positive effect on the farmer’s economic well-being. Further, insufficient capital, climate variability, fluctuation in market price, poor farm to market roads, lack of improved seed varieties, high cost of input, pest and disease are the major constraints to the Irish potato production. The study suggests that the Irish potato production should be encouraged in Santa by focusing more on its specific determinants.

Keywords: Economic Well-Being, Production Function, Irish Potatoes, Semi- Subsistence, Santa