9. Preceding crop influences on the development and yields of the winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

Author: Nesho Neshev


The evidence about the influence of the preceding crops on the oilseed rape growth and development is scarce. Therefore, a study in three vegetation seasons of the winter oilseed rape (2017/2018, 2018/2019, and 2019/2020) was conducted. The experiment was situated in the experimental field of the department of „Agriculture and herbology” at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The experiment was conducted by the long plots method. The following crop rotations were under evaluation: 1. Winter wheat – winter oilseed rape; 2. Winter oilseed rape – winter oilseed rape; 3. Maize – winter oilseed rape. All evaluated parameters of the winter oilseed rape as plant height at the end of vegetation, number of primary branches and silique plant-1, seed yield, absolute mass of 1000 seeds, hectoliter seed mass as well as seed oil content were influenced by the preceding crop. The highest results of the studied indicators for the rotation of winter wheat – winter oilseed rape were recorded. The lowest obtained results for the rotation maize – winter oilseed rape were found, and medium results were accomplished for the oilseed rape monoculture.

Keywords: winter oilseed rape, preceding crops, seed quality, yield