2. Analysis of the trends in the production structures of protein crops

Author: Nina Koteva


Protein crops are an important part of ensuring the food and feed balance. They are the main contributors for having a favorable environmental impact on agricultural land, climate, and water, which is ensuring the importance of their further study.
The main objective of this article is to highlight the structural changes and the existing problems in the “protein crops” production, based on the analysis of the current situation in the sector.
The research methods used for this study are: systematic and comparative analysis; expert method; descriptive analysis; inductive and deductive analysis and summaries and recommendations.
The CAP impact on the protein crops production has been outlined. An analysis of the total size by the groups of protein crops is performed. The value indicator, the final output of protein crops has been analyzed as well as their contribution for the formation of the final output of the crop growing.

Keywords: protein crops, coupled support, agricultural holdings