4. Essential oil content and composition of lavender origins, introduced in Bulgaria

Author: Ana Dobreva


The genus Lavandula includes a variety of species under the common name lavender. Bulgaria has a tradition in the production of high-quality lavender oil. This is the result of many years of selection work, which includes the study of introduced samples and their adaptogenic abilities in the country habitat. Three samples of Lavandula angustifolia Mill., that originated from Poland were studied and compared with the Bulgarian varieties “Hemus” and “Sevtopolis”. The content of the essential oils ranged from 0.39% to 3.98%. The chemical composition, determined by GC/MS, revealed the main compounds: linalyl acetate (13.0÷44.9 %), linalool (21.8÷42.1%), β-caryophyllene (4.6÷7.4 %), cis-β ocimene (2.8÷10.5 %), lavandulyl acetate (1.9÷4.3%), terpinen-4-ol (0.3÷2.0 %), limonene+1.8 cineole (2.3÷6.0 %) and trans-β ocimene (0.1÷3.8%).
The sample with the dark purple florescence showed promising quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the essential oil and can be involved in the selection program for lavender cultivation.

Keywords: Lavandula angustifolia Mill., volatiles, quality