2. Weed infestation monitoring in vineyards in the South Sakar region of Bulgaria

Author: Iliyan Zheliazkov, Vyara Doycheva, Tsvetelina Ivanova


The weed infestation monitoring was conducted in 2019 and 2020. The purpose was to document the weed flora in a large part of the wine vineyard plots in the cadastral area of the Kolarovo, Ovcharovo, Dositeevo, Balgarin and Izvorovo villages within the administrative territory of the Harmanli municipality and the micro-climatic region of South Sakar.
The established weed species composition was represented by 38 weed species belonging to 18 botanical families in ratio 81.58% to 18.42% monocarpous to polycarpous species classified in a total of nine biological groups.

Keywords: herbicides, weeds, monitoring, vines