2. Overview of the machine vision methods at agrorobots

Author: Vera Stefanova, Georgi Komitov


The idea of „seeing“ machines developed violently after the entry of computer technology and industry 4.0 into mass production. The first task of the machine vision is the processing of images and their adjacent equipment, and its systems then include devices with digital inputs/outputs. These inputs/outputs are designed to control some kind of movement or operation of equipment, such as manipulators or automatic lines. The modern machine vision systems are a modern direction of technology that contains elements of computer technology, optics, mechanical systems and industrial automation. With their help, modern agrorobots perform orderly tasks such as visual identification, visual control, obstacle and position determination.
This article presents an overview of certain applications of different machine vision systems suitable for use in agrorobots. It is known that they are autonomously powered and work in poor climatic conditions. In other cases, the machine vision in agrorobots must necessarily work in random oscillations and variable focal length, as well as with a wide assortment of objects for research. The article discusses the capabilities of different types of cameras and related software, the application of QR and laser technology for agrorobots.

Keywords: mashine vision, agrorobots, industry 4.0, visual control.