19. Impact of foliar application of zinc on curcumin and macro and micro elements distribution in curcuma longa

Author: Nguyen Nguyen, Penka Zapryanova, Magdalena Stoyanova, Krasimir Ivanov

DOI: 10.22620/agrisci.2020.27.019


The present study was carried out to investigate the interaction of foliar applied zinc in the form of zinc hydroxy nitrate suspension with other elements in Curcuma Longa plants. The impact of the zinc application on the quality of turmeric was also estimated. The plant samples for our experiment were collected from Lam Dong province, Vietnam. Seven suspension solutions of nanosized zinc hydroxide nitrate whit different Zn concentration were used as Zn containing foliar fertiliser. Irrigation and fertilisation were the same for all variants. The Zn content and the content of selected micro (Cu and Fe) and macro (K, Ca, Mg, and P) elements in the plant’s rhizome were determined by ICP Spectrometer “Prodigy 7” after digestion of the samples in the Mars 6 microwave system. Separation and quantification of curcuminoids were accomplished with liquid chromatography.

It was concluded that the content of Cu and Fe and macronutrients varies narrowly in the plant roots, with no significant impact of ZnHN fertilisation. The results for curcuminoids are too different, and their amount increases with the zinc content.

Keywords: zinc fertilisers, Curcuma Longa, micro and macro elements, curcuminoids.