4. ISSR molecular markers for the study of the genetic diversity in Bulgarian populations of PCN from Genus Globodera

Author: Kostadin Trayanov, Milena Kostova


Genetic diversity of potato cyst nematodes from genus Globodera was studied using ISSR molecular markers. Potato cyst nematodes are characterized by different virulence with regard to the host resistance genes. One of the primary tasks related to best pest control is associated with the determination of the parasite populations genetic diversity. Our findings indicated that by applying ISSR markers, it was possible to distinguish between closely related and morphologically similar species of potato cyst nematodes Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida. At present, genetic research on local PCN populations has not been done and therefore valuable information is missing.

Keywords: PCN (Potato Cyst Nematode), ISSR, genetic diversity, Globodera rostochiensis; Globodera pallida