7. Tendencies in butter production in three Balkan countries

Author: Delyana Dimova, Margarita Gocheva


The current article presents the tendencies in the butter production from cow milk in three Balkan countries, members of the European Union – Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. The studied data is provided from the web site of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The extracted information for the indicated product has been entered and saved in an xlsx file format. Subsequently, it has been processed, analysed and evaluated.

Trend analysis has been applied to the examined data in this study. The correlation and determination coefficients have also been calculated.

The results show that a decline in the production of the indicated product has been observed over the investigated time interval. The highest value of the considered indicator is registered during the first year of the examined period in Greece and for the other two countries in 1995. Generally, it can be concluded that a decreasing tendency in the production of butter has been established for these Balkan countries in the time interval from 1994 to 2014.

Keywords: trend analysis, butter production from cow milk, Balkan countries members of the EU