3. The opportunities for production of quince trees in one-year-old nursery

Author: Georgy Govedarov


Opportunities for one-year production of quince trees from the Asenitsa, Triumph and Hemus varieties, budded on the quince rootstocks Quince Provence, MA, BA 29 and B 12. For the purpose, the traditional method – a T-budding of a sleeping bud (Two-year-old nursery) was compared to an accelerated method – T-budding of awake bud (one-year-old nursery). It was found that the planted rootstocks were caught very well in both cases.
Sleeping bud budding accelerates interception with 2-3 days. The average duration of capture for a sleeping bud is 17, 48 days, and 19,98 for an awake bud. At the traditional method, the buds were the fastest to an interception on B 12, and at the acceleration method – those on BA 29. In both cases, the highest percentage of offset is at B 12.
The early spring recovery on a soft motion at quince rootstocks, combined with a high level of agrotechnology, allow to produced standart quince trees for one year in nursery.

Keywords: Quince varieties and rootstocks, accelerated production of tree.