6. Helminth fauna of Perca fluviatilis from Batak reservoir

Author: Maria Todorova-Traykova, Mariya Chunchukova


During the summer of 2018, 18 specimens of European perch (Perca fluviatilis (Linnaeus, 1758)) from Batak Reservoir were examined with standard techniques for parasites. All examined P. fluviatilis (100%) were infected with one helminth species of the class Cestoda – Proteocephalus percae (Linnaeus, 1758). All established helminth specimens were young, with pronounced strobilation, but not sexually mature. The largest number of helminth specimens found in one specimen of host is 22.
The establishment of only one parasite species – Proteocephalus percae in all examined fish specimens clearly indicates that its intermediate host is widespread in the Batak Reservoir. This study clearly shows that further research is needed for other host species as well as invertebrates from the Batak Reservoir to make a clear assessment of the ecological status of the freshwater ecosystem.

Keywords: Perca fluviatilis, Proteocephalus percae, Batak Reservoir, fish parasites