1. Grouping of local and introduced rye samples and their output lines on the basis of cluster analysis

Author: Velika Kuneva, Evgeniya Valchinova, Mariya Sabeva


In the period 2009–2012 we conducted a rye variety trial on the experimental field of the Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (IPGR) situated in the town of Sadovo. 54 rye samples were examined, 16 of which were collected by expeditions within the country, and 37 received from abroad. The Bulgarian Millennium rye variety (current standard in IASAS) was used as a standard. A further biochemical assessment of the grain quality was performed.
The aim of the current study was to provide clarification with respect to the genetic similarity between the examined 54 native and introduced rye samples on the basis of some main biochemical parameters – crude protein, %; lysine, %, and lysine in protein, %, as well as their grouping using a hierarchical cluster analysis. As a result, 5 clusters were formed allowing further evaluation of the samples with regard to the studied biochemical parameters.
The present findings confirm that our classification would provide greater levels of objectivity in the evaluation of rye samples and the possibility to use them effectively in the different rye selection areas.

Keywords: rye, crude protein, lysine, cluster analysis