7. In vitro screening for insecticidal activity of natural plant protection products against Tropinota (epicometis) Hirta (poda) (coleoptera: cetoniidae)

Author: Daniela Atanasova, Donyo Ganchev, Neno Nenov


The insecticidal activity of newly created naturally friendly plant protection products based on plant essential oils emulsified with plant triglyceride oil-based soap were tested against adult individuals of Tropinota (Epicometis) hirta (Poda) under in vitro conditions.
Four different plant protection products (ready to be used) on the base of lavender, tobacco, coriander and fennel oil were tested.
The products were created at the University of Food Technologies – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The trials revealed strong insecticidal action of the coriander and lavender oil-based products. Surprisingly, the formulation based on tobacco oil had no effect on T. hirta and neither did the fennel oil-based product.
The products were tested for phytotoxicity on two cultivars (Golden Delicious and Jonagold) of five- year-old apple trees using in vitro insecticidal trial concentrations according to standard № 227 of the OECD. There were no phytotoxic effects of the concentrations used.

Keywords: Tropinota (Epicometis) hirta (Poda), essential oils, lavender oil, tobacco oil, coriander oil, fennel oil, soaps, natural pesticides