1. Influence of different types of water purification on the sds-sedimentation exponent

Author: Mikhail M. Kopus, Nataliya N. Vozhzhova, Kirill N. Bukhantsov


The results of a comparative evaluation of the influence of the water purification efficiency on an amount of sediment during SDS-sedimentation of samples of soft winter wheat are submitted.
The influence of 5 types of water purification on the sedimentation exponent were studied: 1 – distilled water, 2 – deionized water, 3 – deionized boiled water, 4 – tap water, 5 – tap boiled water.
It was established that high purified deionized boiled water resulted in the highest sediment level (¯ẟ di.b = 58 ml) at SDS-sedimentation.
Deionized water without boiling resulted in a lower sediment level than when using distilled water (at an average of Δ¯ẟ di.b= 4 ml).
Usage of tap water (including water after boiling) substantially reduced the amount of sediment at SDS-sedimentation.

Keywords: soft winter wheat, distilled water, deionized water, sediment level, SDS-sedimentation