1. Winter frost damage in cherry plantations in the regions of Plovdiv, Sevlievo and Kazanlak

Author: Katya Vasileva, Svetoslav Malchev, Argir Zhivondov


In recent years the interest in cherry crops has increased, mostly for economic reasons. In some regions of the country there are significant variations of the minimum temperatures during the coldest months of the year, which inevitably has an impact on the productivity during the growing season of the cherry. Under these conditions and applying different technologies of cultivation, the varying susceptibility of the cultivars to minimum temperatures was observed. Similar trends in the susceptibility of the cultivars under the different conditions of the regions were observed. Out of the three investigated regions of the country (Kazanlak, Sevlievo and Plovdiv), significant damage to the fruit buds was found in the Plovdiv region. Several cultivars were tested. The Ranna cherna cultivar showed damage difference from 0 to 36% between the regions with only 4°C (-16 – -20°C) difference in temperature. The highest bud damage percentage was reported in the Bing (68%) and Kossara (60%) cultivars while the Van cultivar was defined as more resistant, with a maximum damage up to 20% in the different areas.

Keywords: cherry, cultivars, winter, frost, damage.