14. High magnification digital holographic microscope

Author: Iliyan Peruhov, Emilia Mihaylova

DOI: n/a


Rapid progress in electronic detection and control, digital imaging, image processing, and numerical computation has been crucial in the advance of modern microscopy. Digital holographic microscopy is a new advanced imaging technology which yields a 3D volume image from a single image capture.

In conventional holography, invented by Gabor, the holograms are photographically recorded and optically reconstructed. Both the amplitude and phase information of the light wave are recordedin a hologram.

A high magnification digital in-line holographic microscope was developed at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv. The microscope was calibrated using an USAF target. The digital microscope was successfully used to visualize nanoparticles with dimension of 2 μm.The numerical reconstruction of the digital holograms was done using the appropriate software.