1. Impact of the methods of surface improvement on the productivity and nutritional quality of the pasture grass in the steppe zone of the Akmola region

Author: Kurishbaev Akylbek, Nurlan Serekpaev, Hristina Yancheva, Aizhan Bahralinova

DOI: n/a


The paper presents the effect of different improvement methods on the productivity and herbage quality of degraded pastures in the Akmola Region, Kazahstan. The experiment was conducted during the 2014–2015 period, including 12 variants in three replications. The essence of the research consisted in studying the composition of plant communities, the formation of green mass and dry matter yields, the changes in the chemical composition of the soil under the influence of tillage by disk and drag harrow and application of mineral fertilizers, as well as analysis of the changes in the chemical composition of the herbage. The results showed that the methods usedfor surface improvement had positive effectson the level of available nutrients in the soil. Green mass and dry matter yields as well as herbage quality increased significantly after tillage and mineral fertilizing.