18. Toxicity of some bioinsecticides on the Ectoparasitoid bracon hebetor say (hymenoptera: Braconidae) under laboratory conditions

Author: Emanuela Stoianova, Daniela Atanasova, Nikolai Balevski

DOI: n/a


The toxicity of three bioinsecticides – Dipel DF, NeemAzal T/S and Tracer 480 SC, allowed for applying in the organic farming in Bulgaria, on the ectoparasitoid Bracon hebetor Say (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) was studied under laboratory conditions. The adult parasitoids were fed with drops of 20% honey solution mixed with tested bioinsecticides in concentrations registered for application: NeemAzal T/S – 0.3%, Tracer 480 SC – 0.03% and Dipel DF – 0.15% in ratio 1:1 (“per os” treatment). The results showed that Tracer 480 SC had a toxic effect on the adults and on the first day after the treatment 100% mortality was observed. The bioinsecticides NeemAzal T/S and Dipel DF were not toxic and did not affect the survival of the parasitoid as well as the copulation, fertility and ability of the females to parasitize their host. The generation of treated parasitoids survived successfully on the host – Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller) larvae.