14. Physico-chemical parameters of extract from cranberry leaves (Vaccinium vitis-ideae l.)

Author: D. Buhalova, Kr. Nikolova, Il. Milkova-Tomova, J. Alexieva, S. Masanski

DOI: n/a


Cranberry (Vaccinium vitis-ideae L.) leaf extracts from the region of Velingrad were tested, collected in April and July. The influence of the duration of the extraction was also studied as well as the content of the hydraulic component and colour parameters. By increasing the time of extraction and modification of the hydraulic component, the intensity of the colour increased, with a predominance of red and yellow components in the extract. It was found that the growing season, when the study was performed – (April-July) had an impact on the content of chlorophyll and β-carotene in the leaves of the cranberry (Vaccinium vitis-ideae L.).