7. Analysis of the vascular plants of the Mechkovets and Dragoyna ridges (middle rhodopi mts.)

Author: Tsvetanka Raycheva, Kiril Stoyanov

DOI: n/a


The Mechkovets and Dragoyna ridges are part of the Natura 2000 area “Middle Rhodopes” according to the the Habitats Directive 92/43/EC. A floristic analysis was carried out during a 5-year period (2008 – 2012). The results showed 388 species of vascular plants, affiliated to 257 genera of 89 families. The floral elements were represented according to the Conspectus of the vascular flora of Bulgaria. The phytogeographic appearance of the vegetation is a composite of Mediterranean, sub-Mediterranean and European floral elements (about 40% of all represented species). Some invasive species (mostly American floral elements) were found on the investigated territory – Bidens frondosus, Galinsoga parviflora, Amaranthus hybridus.

Seven species of the flora of Mechkovets and Dragoyna are tertiary relicts: Acer campestre; Juniperus communis; J. oxycedrus; Salix alba; Quercus dalechampii; Corylus avellana, Carpinus betulus. Nine species in the studied area have a conservation value.

The established species were grouped in clusters according to the floral elements, biological characteristics and biological specters.