6. Characteristics of Krassen winter two-row barley

Author: Nevenкa Ganusheva

DOI: n/a


The morphological, technological and farm value characteristics of the two-row winter barley cultivar Krassen have been presented for marketing and introduction purposes. Krassen is classified as Hordeum vulgare, subsp. distichon L., var. nutans Schubl. It is created by hybridization of Krassi 2 х HOR1677. Тhe spike is medium-long, two-rowed, parallel, dense, long-awned, of anthocyanin coloration on the top. The seed has a slightly coloured aleurone layer. It forms around 780 eared stems per square meter in a common crop system. The productivity is 680–790 kg/da. It shows medium resistance to logging and sprouting as well as good cold and winter resistance. The cultivar is mid-early. It is resistant to Puccinia recondita rob.et Desm. f.sp.tritici and Fusarium, immune to Puccinia hordei, averagely resistant to Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici. The bushel weight is 67.1 kg. The 1000-kernel weight is 44 – 48 g. The stem is of medium height – (70-80 cm), the extract content – averagely 80,1%; total protein – 10,9% on the average; extract difference 2; Temperatures below -130С at the tillering node are critical. The cultivar is approved by Order РД -12-12 standing from 04.05.2007 and is registered with the Patent Office of Bulgaria. It is published in the National Variety List A.