5. Applicability of inter-simple sequence repeat markers in developing tomato breeding population

Author: Bilyana Ivanova, Mihail Angelov, Atanas Pavlov, Daniela Ganeva, Zhivko Danailov, Bojin Bojinov

DOI: n/a


The Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat marker technique was applied to parental tomato genotypes and their F1 hybrids differing in the antioxidant compounds in the fruits. As the marker-assisted selection is becoming a tool that brings major advantages for breeding programs, the need to use it to quickly respond to the consumer demand has greatly increased. Modern genetic technology opens the possibility for effective application of a system for efficient plant breeding in many crops, including tomatoes. The aim of the present study was to test the Inter-Simple Sequence Repeats as a candidate tool to use in Marker-Assisted Selection in tomatoes. The application of the Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat markers allowed for efficient verification of the hybrid origin of the progeny from parental genotypes that were crossed for improving the antioxidant content in tomato fruits.