5. In vitro screening of fungicides for yeast like form of Taphrina deformans /Berk./ Tul.

Author: Neshka Piperkova

DOI: n/a


A screening was carried out under laboratory conditions. It showed that the most efficient fungicides against T. deformans were Tiram 80% (as Tiram) – 89%, followed by Mancozeb (as Ditan М45) and difenoconazole (as Scor 250 EC) – 79.2%, Tebukonazole + Trifloxistrobin (as Flint Max 75WG) – 78%, Folpet+Triadimenol (as Shavit) – 63.3% and Copper hydrooxyde 87.7% (as Vitra 50 HR) – 50.2% inhibition. The results revealed that the fungicides might be applied in preventive sprays in spring to control peach leaf curl.
It was observed that Trichoderma viride (Trichodermin) reduced significantly the growth of Taphrina deformans in vitro, using Thornberry method, the opposite culture method and the streak plate culture.