19. Phytosociology as a science and its practical application in various fields (Review)

Author: Wanda Bacieczko, Emilia Kaszycka, Agnieszka Borcz

DOI: n/a


Phytosociology is a science devoted to the study and classification of plant communities which are the smallest fundamental vegetation units. It is a relatively young discipline that has been developing since the beginning of the 20th century. Both its theoretical matter and methodology are utilizable in various other applied sciences, especially in landscape architecture. Its practical application results from the wide scope of vegetation studies (e.g. studies on the composition of plant communities, their diversity, distribution, and dynamics, as well as their relationships with environmental conditions, and human impact).
The paper presents the use of phytosociological knowledge in various branches of science, e.g. in landscape architecture, forestry, land and water resource management, agriculture, grassland management, environmental protection and nature conservation.