45. A study of some blood indices of one year old carps, grown under different technological approaches

Author: Lyudmila Nikolova, Rumjana Ivanova, Hristo Hristev

DOI: n/a


In the Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture and Agricultural University – Plovdiv a study was conducted for an investigation of some blood indices of one-summer scaly and mirror common carp of the local population, grown under different technological approaches in autochthonous (based only on natural feed in ponds) and alochthonous (with additional feeding with concentrated fodder) production ecosystems. The reported levels of blood glucose, hemoglobin and total protein were in normal limits for all experimental variants. With an exception for the mirror carp’ total protein, the rest of the investigated indices had been highest for fish grown in autochthonous ecosystems, and lowest – in alochthonous monoculture double-stocking density of one-summer common carp. The fishpond is a significant source of variance for all the investigated indices, as the most significant was the influence on the total protein in the blood. Regarding the content of blood glucose no significant differences were determined between carps of various types within one technological approach, whereas such differences were established in the hemoglobin content.