42. State of surrounding structure of building for natural semi rearing hens

Author: Hristo Hristev, Alexander Nikolov, Rumiana Ivanova, Kalinka Kuzmova

DOI: n/a


We performed a study on heat transfer characteristics of the surrounding structures of semi-open building for environmentally laying hens. It is estimated that the loss of heat through the envelope varies from 2641,4 to 8408,6 kJ / h at an average internal air temperature from -1 to +340 C and external air temperature from -8 to 360C. The calculated factor for thermostability (L = 4,16 KJ/m2.h.0C), characterized the studied building as strongly heat conducting. The maximum temperature difference (Дt), where building can ensure optimal conditions for birds during the cold days is less than 10C, and in the summer – about 140C. This temperature difference at the different external and internal conditions (-120–+360 C) can not guarantee a normal production of the birds throughout the year. The sublime thermal conductivity of the fencing elements is responsible for reduced amplitude of diurnal air temperature and a low thermal inertia of a closed productive space.