18. Slautering characteristics and meat quality of mirror carp of the local population, grown under different technologies

Author: Lyudmila Nikolova

DOI: n/a


A study was conducted for the meat production potential of two-summer mirror common carp, grown under conditions of autochthonous (based only on natural feed in ponds) and allochthonous (with additional feeding with concentrated fodder) production ecosystems. The highest carcass yield and fillet content were reported for the allochthonous variant carps. The highest content of water and proteins (as in fresh sample as well as an absolute dry matter) had had fishes, reared on natural feed only. They had had lower quantity of fat in the meat. With highest energy values was the meat of the fishes, grown with concentrated fodder additional feeding. While the tendency for the energy at the expense of proteins was opposite – the highest value was reported for fishes from natural feeding variant.