16. Phytotoxicity study of Cyclopentanespiro-5-Hydantoin and its derivatives towards wheat

Author: Donyo Ganchev, Marin Marinov, Angel Nikolov, Petja Marinova, Stefan Krustev, Milena Zlateva, Nadezhda Atanasova, Neyko Stoyanov

DOI: n/a


Wheat is the most important culture in economic terms for Bulgaria, playing a key role in agricultural business. In a previous investigation we found that the cyclppentanspiro-5-hydantoin (CPSH) cyclopentanespiro-5-(2,4-dithiohydantoin) (CPSDTH) and 1-aminocyclopentanecarboxylic acid (ACPA) show strong antifungal activity against one of the most important wheat phytophatogens – Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici (wheat powdery mildew).

The present study investigates the eventual phytotoxic action of those compounds on wheat plants in order to determine their safe applications in future practices as promising synthetic fungicides.