13. First results from agro-biodiversity monitoring on conventional and organic agroecosystems

Author: Vladislav Popov, Georgi Popgeorgiev, Dimitar Plachiiski, Nedko Nedialkov, Ognian Todorov

DOI: n/a


The role of protection and conservation of the agrobiodiversity in the agroecosystems for establishing the needed agroecosystem stability in the absence of chemical inputs is not sufficiently investigated in Bulgaria. The aim of this investigation and the following analyses was to compare the impact of the extensive and organic agricultural practices with conventional ones, on certain species and groups (insects, birds and small mammals) which are indicators of the agrobiodiversity. The investigation was carried out on the territory of the Eastern Rhodopes in Bulgaria during the period June 2nd – September 15th 2012.

In order to assess and compare the biodiversity of the selected indicator groups the index of biodiversity of Shannon (Shannon_H index), „Diversity profiles“ and factorial ANOVA were used. The assessment and analyses comprise not only the independent indicator-groups but also assessment and analyses at the order level. The first results received are a basis to claim that the agroecosystems managed by applying organic methods have a higher index of biodiversity compared with those managed by conventional methods. These conclusions are a basis for a further and more detailed investigation of agrobiodiversity in dynamics.