8. Qualitative composition of milk from local breeds sheep in the region of Southern Bulgaria

Author: Georgi Kalaydhziev, Stayka Laleva, Doytcho Dimov, Maria Dzhorbineva, Daniela Yordanova, Vladimir Karabashev, Teodora Angelova, Nikolay Oblakov, Jivko Krustanov

DOI: n/a


The aim of this study was to investigate the phenotypic variability of the qualitative composition of the milk of different local sheep breeds in the region of southern Bulgaria.
The study included four sheep breeds reared in 10 herds in the region of southern Bulgaria: Vakla Maritza sheep – 93 White Maritza sheep – 72, local Stara Zagora sheep – 57 and Medium-Rhodope sheep – 103. A total of 326 individual milk samples were studied in signs characterizing the qualitative composition of milk: fatty substances /%/ proteins /%/ dry non-fat solids /%/ lactose /%/ and pH.
Four species caught in our study are indigenous and their productive direction is orientated as the production of milk, meat and wool. Mean values for three of the examined indicators – percentage of fatty substances containing proteins and percentage of dry non-fat solids, vary in a wider range than the other indicators in four breeds. Qualitative composition of milk from Bulgarian local sheep breeds subject to our study determines some good technical qualities for the production of traditional identical dairy products.