8. Morphological and physiological characteristic of tomato seedlings for late field production cultivated in container size depending on the age and planting area

Author: Dimitar Cholakov, Nikolina Shopova, Andon Vasilev

DOI: n/a


The purpose of the investigation was to establish the influence of the age and planting area of the seedlings, cultivated in containers with different cell sizes, on the morphological and physiological characteristics determining the quality of the seedlings for late field tomato production.

Variants with 20-25-, 30-35- and 40-55-day seedlings cultivated in containers with a planting area of the cells respectively 44, 28 and 17 cm2 were tested. It was found that the 20-25-day seedlings cultivated on a planting area of 28 cm2 proved to be the best in biological, technological and physiological terms.