6. Genetic control and inheritance of some quantitative traits by reciprocal crosses of two-rowed barley

Author: Nevenкa Ganusheva

DOI: n/a


The experimental work was conducted on the experimental field of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv. The hybrid crosses Krasi 2 x Korten and Korten x Krasi 2 with their P1, P2, F1 and F2 were investigated.
The genetic analysis revealed incomplete inheritance of the length of the main spike and over dominant inheritance of the number of grains in the spike and the 1000-kernel weight. The weight of the grains on the spike was inherited in an incompletely dominant way in the first cross but over dominantly in the reciprocal cross.
The plant height was under additive genetic control with a significant number of genes controlling the trait (13-53). The phenotypic expression of the number of grains in the spike, the length of the spike, the weight of grains per spike and the 1000-kernels weight was determined by additive and dominant genetic effects.
The mass selection by phenotype for all investigated traits (the plant‘s height, length of the main spike, number of grains in the main spike, grains’ weight in the spike, 1000-kernel weight) would be more effective in the later hybrid generations F5 – F6.