26. Ex situ storage of germplasm from common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for a ten-year period in a breeding collection

Author: Plamen Chamurliyski, Siyka Stoyanova

DOI: n/a


The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the possibilities for preservation of common wheat seeds in a breeding collection under ex situ controlled storage for a ten-year period at the Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute (DAI).
One-hundred and five varieties and breeding lines were selected from a total of 1 500 accessions stored in a freezing chamber at -11oС for more than 10 years. The evaluation of the condition of the stored accessions included the indices first and second date germination account and seed moisture. The first and second datе germination account were determined according to the standard methods of BDS 601-85. Seed moisture was measured by the weight method (BDS 601-85). Variation and correlation analyses were carried out. The lowest value of the first date germination account was 62%, while the lowest second date germination account in the analyzed accessions was 87%. The highest seed moisture was about 14.0%, and the lowest was 10.8%. It was found that the wheat accessions had very good germinability after 10 years of controlled storage. Only an insignificant number of samples had germination below 80%. Seed moisture was comparatively high for the purposes of controlled storage and should be corrected in future investigations.