24. Influence of some agrotechnological factors on the yield and basic quality indicators at multifolium alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Author: Atanas Sevov, Christina Yancheva

DOI: n/a


During the 2005-2007 period, in the experimental field of the Crop Breeding Department at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv a randomized complete block design was displayed with four replications, which included two multifoliolate alfalfa varieties, three row distances and two sowing rates. The influence of the row distances and sowing rate on some morphological characteristics as multifoliolate expression, total number of leaves, yield and quality of multifolium alfalfa varieties was studied. The obtained results showed that in both investigated varieties the multifoliolate expression was more pronounced in the less dense crops. The total number of leaves grew when increasing the row spacing. In the variants of sowing rate of 1.5 kg /da in both investigated varieties the leaf mass (triple and multifolium) increased. The best results for green mass yield and hay yield for the three years of the study on both varieties and totally for the vegetation period were obtained by applying standard row spacing, regardless of the propagation rate.