19. Immunocitofit and humustim for overcoming herbicide stress in spring and winter oats (Avena sativa L.)

Author: Tonya Georgieva, Maya Dimitrova, Plamen Zorovski, Todorka Savova

DOI: n/a


The research was conducted during the 2007-2009 period, in the experimental field of the Department of Crop Breeding at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.
Humustim helped for better overcoming herbicide stress in var. Dunav 1 when treated with Granstar, the plants being 4 cm higher compared to the control on the 40th day after the treatment. Stress overcoming was not proven when treating with Derby super. When Immunocitofit with Granstar was applied, plants were 2.7 cm higher compared to the control on the 40th day, but the difference was not proven. In the variant Immunocitofit plus Derby super there was no proven difference, compared to the control. For var. Mina Humustim helped the plants to easily overcome the stress when Derby super was applied, and this was statistically proven on the 20th day after the treatment, but the differences were not proven for both applied herbicides on the 40th day. The plants were 6.69 cm higher on the 40th day in the variant Immunocitofit with Granstar compared to the control. The plants of the two varieties were higher when Humustim and Immunocitofit plus a herbicide were applied than those treated solely with herbicides.
Humustim and Immunocitofit have an additional stimulatory effect on the plant development.