15. Reproductive Characteristics and Energy Productivity of Determinate Tomato Plants under Water Deficit

Author: Daniela Ganeva, Miroslav Mihov

DOI: n/a


The aim of the research was to study the effect of reduced irrigation on the reproduction and the energy productivity of two tomato cultivars – Marti and Yana. In the research no irrigation was used during the period from the start of the flowering stage to early tomato fruit-ripening stage. The results indicated that the ripening process was accelerated by up to 14.31%, the dry matter in the fruits increased by up to 9.61%, the average tomato yield and the average fruit weight were reduced by up to 18.70% and 20.07% respectively. The total energy inputs in the variants under water deficit were lower by 3.82% in cv. Marti and by 4.82% in cv.Yana, and that resulted in lower overall energy outputs and therefore no energy profit. The energy productivity of Marti and Yana was 0.43 kg/MJ and 0.46 kg/MJ respectively. The results proved Yana to be more tolerant to water deficit than Marti.