12. Genotype specifics of triticale of different origin, grown in the region of Plovdiv

Author: Hristofor Kirchev

DOI: n/a


In order to study the influence of the variety on the productivity of triticale, the field experiment has been carried out in the experimental field of the Department of Crop Science, Agronomy Faculty at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv. Six triticale varieties with different background were tested: АД-7291, wheat type (standard) created at IPGR – Sadovo; Ракита (rye type), created at DAI – Gen. Toshevo; Bronti (wheat type) – Greece; Frontera, Alter и Scudo (rye type), selected at seed company PRO.SE.ME. – Italy. The experiment has been conducted in long plots method in 4 repetitions after predecessor sunflower. Productivity is defined as grain yield, t.ha-1. Determined are the main structural elements of the crop – Plant heigh, cm; Number of tillers/m2; Number of spikes/m2; Productive tillers, %; Spike length, cm; Numbers of spikelets per spike; Numbers of grains per spike; Number of grains per spikelet; Weight of grains per spike, g; 1000 grain weight, g. The productivity of the varieties have been established, and the influence of the crop and plants structure to productive differences.