11. Stress Responses of the Cherry Dwarf Rootstock Gisela 5 (Prunus cerasus L. x Prunus canescens L.) after Treatment with Soil Herbicides: II. Effect on the Growth and Photosynthetic Pigments

Author: Zarya Rankova, Lilyana Nacheva, Petya Gercheva, Zlatko Zlatev

DOI: n/a


The aim of the present study was to investigate the stress responses of the vegetative rootstock Gisela 5 after treatment with soil herbicides under the conditions of a model pot experiment. The following variants were set: 1. control (untreated); 2. pendimethalin – Stomp 33 ЕC – 400 ml/da; 3. isoxaflutole – Merlin 750 WG – 5,0 g/da; 4. oxyfluorfen – Goal 2Е – 200 ml/da. The herbicide rates were recalculated according to the area of the plant pots. Visual observations for the appearance of external symptoms of herbicide phytotoxicity were carried out weekly. The biometric characteristics – growth increment, mean weight of a plant, mean number of leaves and nodes and chlorophyll content, were reported on the 70th day. The obtained results showed that the soil herbicide isoxaflutole caused white chlorosis and lower content of leaf pigments in the cherry rootstock Gisela 5.