4. First results of studying two persimmon cultivars in an orchard at two planting densities

Author: Anton Yordanov, Sava Tabakov, Georgi Govedarov

DOI: n/a


The growth and reproductive characteristics of Hyakume and Hiratanenashi persimmon cultivars were studied during the period 2009-2011. The trees were grafted on seedlings of Date plum (Diospyros lotus L.) and were planted in the spring of 2006 at two densities – 50 and 100 trees per decare. Till the end of the sixth vegetation the planting density did not affect the tree vigour in terms of the most studied parameters. The trees planted at two meters in a row occupied their spaces at the end of the studied period. During the study period an annual increase of the yield was recorded in the Hyakume cultivar. This cultivar was more productive than Hiratanenashi. The index of periodically fruit-bearing of the Hiratanenashi cultivar was 67.36% for the density of 100 trees per decare and 75.54% for the density of 50 trees per decare respectively.That is why it can be concluded that this cultivar is alternatively fruit-bearing. Till the end of the sixth vegetation the different planting densities did not affect the fruit size.